“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness”.

— Mark Twain

This exposure to difference is a key element towards developing global competence, and is a core component in the Globalwise approach. As a leader, developing intercultural understanding and sensitivity is crucial to fostering an inclusive atmosphere. If you want your employees to ‘bring their whole self’ to work, the workplace needs to be an environment that welcomes, even celebrates, this inherent uniqueness. This starts with recognizing our shared humanity, the idea at the core of global competence. Celebrating this commonality within your own team can improve communications and relationships at every level, from the board room to the break room.

The Globalwise Communities team helps cultivate these skills through hands-on learning at all levels of your organization. Our model brings individuals together across cultural differences to acknowledge and embrace uniqueness while celebrating shared humanity. This approach enhances teams, organizations and communities through innovative ideas, enhanced collaboration and leadership. From the improved team environments to exponential productivity, our end focus is clear: simply better outcomes.

Inclusive teams are


more likely to anticipate change and respond effectively
Diverse teams are


more likely to be innovative

It’s no secret that creativity thrives in a diverse environment. If ‘group think’ is the enemy of innovation, then what better way to energize your team than through a celebration of their unique contributions and perspectives?


Organizations with inclusive cultures benefit from:


improved performance and productivity


improved collaboration


greather engagement and loyalty