As champions of diversity, at Globalwise we do not believe there is one set way to engage an organization. We work with you to develop a program that meets the unique challenges of your team, starting with your leadership. Company culture changes at the top, and we believe engagement at this level is paramount to long-term success.

We begin with your organization’s mission and vision, and design a training series specifically targeted at achieving your goal. We believe in non-traditional classroom learning, leveraging experiential learning based on research for the best methods for adult learners.

There are three primary paths for working with Globalwise:


Free Seminars

We provide free 1 hour learning seminars to introduce the basic concept of Global Competence to your team.


Customized to Meet Your Needs

Have a specific problem or goal in mind? We work with each organization to design a training series to build the skills to achieve your goal.



This is our comprehensive training series deigned to build all the skills the modern leader and employee need to be successful when working across differences.


Globalwise also welcomes the opportunity to train organizational clients to guide their own teams going forward. We offer train the trainer programs (as part of the Certification Series) and plan to offer a mixed organization Certification program at least once per year.