The mission of GlobalWise Communities is to inspire interpersonal behavior change for better outcomes, using learnable and applicable skills. We have identified seven core skills, usable in everyday life and work situations with people from all backgrounds.


Global Knowledge

Understand how “I” am connected to others by acquiring an awareness of cultural differences and basic knowledge of language, political, religious, geographical, historical and other differences.

  • Recognize behaviors with cultural and historical origins versus those with innately human or biological origins.
  • Develop a broad foundation of global knowledge to better understand how norms and behaviors originate from a particular set of local circumstances.



Interact with people from other cultures and backgrounds through recognizing and understanding cultural similarities and differences.

  • Distinguish basic types of cultural similarities and differences from across the globe.
  • Practice finding common ground with another person regardless of differences, cultural or other.


Global Communications

Effectively communicate across different cultures and perspectives by achieving a working knowledge of interpersonal and intercultural communication behaviors, norms, and styles.

  • Learn to clearly distinguish and utilize interpersonal and intercultural communication techniques with people from backgrounds and cultures different from your own.
  • Recognize and interpret both your own and others’ cultural and background influences across a variety of communication methods.


Global Technology Effectiveness

Utilize multiple technological platforms to effectively interact and communicate across different languages, backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and professional environments.

  • Practice communicating via email and other modern digital communication tools with people from other cultural and other backgrounds.
  • Recognize that English is not the same around the world and many different meanings can be read into the same set of words, even when utilizing the "same" language.

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Global Thinking

Identify and understand global and intercultural situations and comfortably act upon a solution.

  • Recognize situations with a global or intercultural context and understand how cultural, background and other differences affect the situation at hand.
  • Formulate a plan of action utilizing learned skills and resources to positively navigate the situation at hand.


Global Collaboration

Interact with people in all environments (ranging from local to global) to achieve mutually agreeable outcomes while recognizing and accounting for cultural, background and other differences.

  • Recognize and understand cultural differences among team members from different backgrounds.
  • Communicate effectively within a diverse (culturally and other) team to achieve a goal or goals in a positive and timely manner.

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Global Leadership

With a working mastery of the other six Globalwise skills, lead diverse (culturally and other) projects, teams, organizations or groups of people.

  • Join people from a variety of backgrounds (cultural and other), with differing personal strengths and weaknesses, into a cohesive team.
  • Be aware of differences (cultural and other) when working in a group setting and take an active role in making necessary adjustments.
  • Confidently lead conversations and meetings with those from other backgrounds (cultural and other), taking into account all of the Globalwise skills.