At Globalwise Communities we believe compassion is a hallmark trait of humans. We believe an awareness of shared humanity, and a willingness to change behavior in recognition of that humanity is a core driver of better outcomes. Better understanding, better relationships, and better collaboration.

The mission of Globalwise Communities is to inspire interpersonal behavior change for better outcomes, using learnable and applicable skills. Our approach utilizes the social science of human behavior, separating patterns into discrete, observable elements, delivered in micro-lessons.  What makes our process unique is the commitment to action; where others may simply discuss, or teach, our emphasis is on providing a personalized path towards change.

Each lesson is divided into four components of learning. Expand each component below to learn more about our unique process:


Discovering the building blocks of human behavior makes the world seem smaller and more inviting. The first component of the Globalwise learning process exposes participants to their existing behaviors, as well as introduces new behaviors to aspire toward. We believe discovery creates openness to new relationships and new skills, with a foundation in personalized human experience.


When learning a musical instrument, a sport, or a professional skill, the experience of practicing (and failing) is what makes new learning possible. Globalwise programs help participants experience behaviors in a realistic but specific circumstance, while being both interactive and fun. Experience in a controlled and safe setting allows participants to leverage their new knowledge toward a long-term acceptance and application. This is vital because personal experience is one of life's greatest teachers.


Reflection integrates learning and action together. Globalwise Communities believes either alone does not lead to new skill creation, retention, or use. This step allows us to realize how the knowledge is applicable within our own lives and communities, while sharing personal examples provides quantitative proof of the impact. Participants find this cathartic and are often eager to express the truth of their own inter-personal experiences.


Acting on a new skill is the culmination of the GlobalWise learning model. With first-hand knowledge of a specific issue and its impacts, each participant is asked to identify, and write down, a behavior to apply in their own professional and personal communities. The ‘take-away’ from all Globalwise trainings are simple and achievable action plans designed by, and for, each individual participant, actions which they take home and start to implement right away.