Based upon the objectives you specify and the training approach we outline in partnership, the actual execution of our training's is fairly straightforward. Our ideal group size is 20-40 participants; however, we can work with as few as eight or as many as 100, depending on the circumstances.

We offer some flexibility with regards to the number and length of our sessions. Multiple three to four-hour sessions is optimal. Our facilitators will be on site for in-person interactive practice-based sessions, with one session often being a digital self-guided activity.

We leverage the proven social science of adult education to identify and develop a structure specifically focused on long-term retention. From the content of each lesson to the period of time between meetings, we apply our knowledge and science to every element of session design.

As our sessions are designed uniquely for each organization, the pricing structure varies based upon location logistics, resources required and number of participants. Contact Us to speak with a member of the Globalwise team and start building your training plan today.